Video Appointments

All of us are doing our best to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, Covid-19. All of our paediatricians and nurse practitioners enjoy seeing patients in person. At this time, this is not always possible.

Shows teleconference from physician perspective

During the present viral outbreak, the Chatham Kent Child and Adolescent Clinic has organized a number of electronic methods to continue providing patient care. These include video conferencing instead of face-to-face appointments, online questionnaires, and pre-appointment screening calls.

Our front desk staff are playing a critically important role in our new strategy. You will likely hear from them on a couple of occasions before your appointment. During the initial phone call, they will ensure that it will be possible to do a video conference with you. All that is required is a smart phone and reasonable Internet connection.They will also ask for your email address. The video conferences use the email address in order to make the appropriate video connection.They will also remind you to keep an eye on your email, as the appointment "invitation" as well as any pre-appointment questionnaires will be sent to your inbox.

Shortly before your appointment, you will likely receive a second phone call. They will suggest that you do a "a dry run" of the video connection to make sure that everything is working properly. For those of you who will be attending the appointment in person, they will go through a short questionnaire looking at infectious risk factors.

Completing the actual video connection is quite straightforward, although requires a small amount of preparation. For more detailed instructions on how to complete these calls, please click here.