Attending an OTN Virtual Appointment

Doing a doctor's appointment on video is a different experience for most people. It is new for the doctors as well. In fact, it is not that different than a normal "in person" visit.

Prior to your appointment, you will receive an "invitation" via email. Think of this as an appointment card.

Click on the invitation and you will open it up. First you will see some basic information about the appointment such as the time. Do not worry about the lengthy URL following the "where", and ignore the "who" section.

The next part of the email is likely the most important. It describes how to prepare yourself for the appointment from a technology point of view.

If you are using a computer with camera and microphone, it is important that you are using the "Chrome" browser. If you do not already have this, simply search for "Chrome browser" on Google. Download the application and install. Alternatively, you can click here and you will be taken to the Chrome download page.

If you will be using your smart phone as the camera and microphone, you need to download an "app" before the appointment. Search for "Pexip Infinity Connect" at either the App Store or the Google play store depending on whether you have an iPhone or android device. Download the app and install as instructed. You will not be able to take part in the video conference without this app.

If you are currently on an iPhone, click here to download Pexip Infinity Connect

If you are currently on an Android device, click here to download Pexip Infinity Connect.

Once you have downloaded Chrome (if using a computer) or Pexip (if using a phone), you are ready to go!

The actual call

Farther down on the email is the button that you will click to start the visit when the time comes.

After you click the "Start eVisit " button, you will be taken to this page:

Once again you will need to press the button (Open my eVisit event). This will take you to one last page:

Hopefully you will see your own smiling face looking back at you. Press the green "video" button, and you will be taken to the conference site. You can login a bit early. If the doctor has not joined yet, you will be placed in a "holding" state until the doctor arrives. You will hear a pleasant voice saying "you are the only participant in the conference".

Please note: A number of our patients who are using their computer for the calls have had difficulty hearing the physician. Unless you have a speaker attached to your computer, the sound is much better if you have a headphone. Even "earbuds" from your phone seem to work very well.

If you get to this screen, relax. The doctor will be with you shortly.

Depending on the day, how busy the OTN system is, and how quickly your Internet works, you may have smooth video images or you may have somewhat jerky images. We will all have to do the best that we can.