CKCAC Videos

ADHD: a toolkit for families.

A series of videos that summarizes important information about the assessment, diagnosis, and management of ADHD. This series is designed for the parents of children and adolescents who have been referred to the clinic for assessment of ADHD.

Series Introduction (2:42). A brief video describing the goals of the series.

What is ADHD? (18:50). A discussion of what is ADHD, and what makes up an assessment of ADHD.

Supplementary material:

DSM V Criteria

Slide set for video: What is ADHD

Comorbidities Associated with ADHD (part 1) (15:25)

Two videos discussing other conditions that frequently co-exist with ADHD. The first video looks at learning problems, as well as the disruptive behaviour disorders (e.g. oppositional defiant disorder).

Supplementary Material:

Slide set for video: ADHD and its COMORBIDITIES (includes part 1 and 2)

Comorbidities Associated with ADHD (part 2)(19:50)

This video looks at mood disorders (anxiety, depression), OCD, and tic disorders in relation to ADHD.

Treatment Options in ADHD (part 1). (25:56)

The first of two videos discussing how ADHD is treated. This video focuses largely on the role of stimulants in the management of ADHD.

Supplementary material:

Slide set for video: ADHD Treatment Options

Figure from MTA study: MTA figure

Original MTA paper (full): MTA