COVID-19 Update

The current coronavirus crisis affects all of us. Our clinic is no exception. We will continue to do our best to provide excellent pediatric care. During these times, however, we will have to change the way that we deliver care.

To keep our patients and staff safe, we are limiting the number of patients that we see in the office. We will be conducting most appointments either by phone or by video conference. As with all new technology, we expect that there will be some glitches as we work out the details of video appointments. We request your patience as we adapt to the new reality.

We will continue to see some patients in the office. If we feel that it is essential that we examine your child physically, we will see them in person. Similarly, if your child needs an immunization or injection, we will provide this service.

For patients who attend in person, we have taken steps to minimize infectious risks.

Before each appointment, you will receive a "pre-call" during which we will review any changes to your information as well as evaluate any infectious risks.

We ask that only one caregiver attends with each child. We know that it is difficult to arrange childcare. Still, we feel that it is too much of a risk to have multiple family members attending appointments. We appreciate your understanding.

We ask that patients no longer go to the waiting room. When you enter the office, we will direct you to one of the examining rooms. You and your child can wait there until the physician or nurse practitioner arrives.

After the appointment, we ask that you leave the office promptly. You should contact the office by phone to schedule any follow-up appointments.

We appreciate that we are losing some of the "personal touch" that you have grown accustomed to in our office. We look forward to resuming more face-to-face interactions once this crisis has passed.